Frequently Asked Questions’s Caregivers are average more than (5) years experience. Each caregiver is rigorously credentialed including background check, license verification, references and interview.

Is an agency? is a platform that allows caregivers to work directly for families without going through an agency. It is free for caregivers to join however each caregiver must pass a rigorous credentialing process that includes references, a thorough background check, and license verification. We help to match families with caregivers that meet their care needs and handle payment processing. gives families access to quality care for their loved ones when it is needed most.

How much do the Professional Caregivers cost?

Professional Caregivers’ rates are based on experience and the work being completed. Both the Caregiver and family agree to a rate before the work begins. includes a service fee on top of the agreed upon rate to use our customer service, scheduling, invoicing, and billing technology.

How do I find Professional Caregivers in my area? Care Advisors are available to support families to identify their care needs. We will help you find the right caregiver for your situation and we have thousands of credentialed Caregivers to choose from.

How do I know a Care Professional is qualified?

Caregivers are background checked before they are connected with families. also provides references and verifies any license information that has been provided. Learn more about our credentialing process.

What do I do if the Care Professional doesn’t show up to work?

If your Caregiver does not arrive to provide care as scheduled, our Customer Service team is available 24 / 7 to identify a backup Caregiver to minimize disruption to the care of your loved one.

What do I do if I need to replace a Care Professional or our care needs change? checks with families on a monthly basis to evaluate the quality of care. If your needs change or you would like to review additional care options, just reach out to our customer service team for assistance.