5 Ideas for Involving Your Loved One in the Holiday Fun

5 Ideas for Involving Your Loved One in the Holiday Fun
Dominique Curtin, 11/22/2016

The holiday season brings joy, laughter and merry activities for all ages. Just because you are caring for a loved one, doesn’t mean it excludes you (or them) from the merry and cheer. This is a wonderful time to create memories to last a lifetime. In this article, you will find 5 tips for enjoyable activities you can do with your aging loved ones!

1. Include your loved ones in holiday preparations. Trimming the tree? Have the elder family members help decorate! Even if it is just a simple task of handing you the ornaments to hang or untangling the lights, it includes them in the festivities.

2. The holidays are a great time to make lasting memories, so make sure the whole family knows how to help. Since you have been doing most of the caring for your loved one, it is important that you make sure the rest of your family is knowledgeable AND can help you with the care. Getting them involved (especially the younger ones) could offer them a wonderful way to make memories that will last a lifetime.

3. Invite carolers to your house. There is nothing like being in the first row to a group of talented singers, and you can make that happen for your loved one! Music can be calming, healing and entertaining! If you can’t find a local caroling group, encourage your family to do a sing-along.

4. Take them on a stroll or drive to see all the holiday lights. This is beautiful to see at any age, and it could be a great way to get the whole family involved in the trip. (Another way to make a lasting memory!) Make sure you keep your loved one bundled up to keep them warm in the winter.

5. Have them pick out a gift to give. At this point, your aging loved one may not be traveling to the mall to go shopping for gifts. It may be nice to prepare ahead and have them give a gift to a younger family member, which would include them in any gift exchange excitement!

Remember when planning all the fun activities with your senior loved one, you should strike a balance between events and rest. Be observant and understanding of their needs, but don’t forget to enjoy them yourself. The holidays are a time for family caregivers like you to de-stress!
Dominique Curtin

Dominique Curtin

Dominique is the Digital Content Manager for HomeCare.com, a leader in the caregiver referral service industry. She has marketing expertise in the healthcare industry and has a passion for helping families connect with the best caregivers. In addition, she has helped lead several company's marketing programs across websites and social media platforms.
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