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Tranita S.

Female, Cocoa, FL

Certified Medicine Assistant CPR First Aid Home Health Aide/Personal Care Aide
I became a caregiver because I enjoy helping others and giving back to the community.
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Dienecia J.

Female, Melbourne , FL

CPR Home Health Aide/Personal Care Aide
I became a caregiver when a relative became ill and was unable to care for herself. The nurses that would visit would often tell me this field was my calling I should go to school for it. I did so and ...
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Quanteisha W.

Female, Cocoa , FL

Home Health Aide/Personal Care Aide
I became a caregiver after I took care of my great great grandmother over the summers as a child. It has stuck with me since.
Picture of Jacqueline R.

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Jacqueline R.

Female, Orlando, FL

Certified Nurse Assistant
Helped grandparents was a calling to help other people families.
Picture of Norma Iris  E.

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Norma Iris E.

Female, Orlando , FL

I always had a passion for caring for people of all ages. After a volunteer event, I realized how much I enjoyed helping others. Shortly after, I went back to school for medical assistant.
Picture of Sheronda G.

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Sheronda G.

Female, Cocoa, FL

When I was 13, my mother fell ill and I had to help my grandmother care for her. Then I also cared for my grandparents and other relatives when they got sick years later. I love caring for people and ...
Picture of Heather C.

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Heather C.

Female, Orlando, FL

I became a caregiver because I am the eldest of seven siblings, and care-giving comes naturally.
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Latricia D.

Female, Palm Bay, FL

I enjoy helping others, I feel when you are compassionate about helping others. Then we don't see it as a job.
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Dania V.

Female, Orlando, FL

I love to interact and help others. Making a positive impact in people's lives makes me happy. Knowing I am putting my effort and time into helping another human being is priceless.
Picture of Caridad H.

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Caridad H.

Female, Miami, FL

Because I like to help people

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About Senior In Home Care

In Home Caregivers in Indialantic, FL provide senior care services in three levels: companion care, personal care, and advanced personal care.

Companion care is for seniors who need some assistance around the home such as cooking, cleaning, and mental engagement.

Personal care is a home health care service that includes wound care, toileting, medication reminders, and more. Those who provide personal care must be more experienced and often have caregiving certifications.

Advanced personal care is provided by those caregivers who are equipped to deal with late stage cancer, advanced stage dementia, incontinence or other serious medical issues.

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