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Senior Caregivers in Clewiston, FL

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Anteshay M.

Female, West Palm Beach , FL

I became a caregiver because of my late grandmother for 20 years she wasn't able to do anything on her own and me my mom and sister took care of her and I then realized that I would like to become lic ...
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Kenisha L.


I become caregiver because I like look after elderly
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Elaine G.

Female, Delray beach , FL

To see my clients get well and get back to being them selves
Picture of Sherly C.

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Sherly C.

Female, Palm Beach , FL

People person love to listen. Able to help
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Veremis C.

Female, Belle Glade, FL

Since i could remember i was always interested in the field of nursing and now to begin i went to get my CNA License and then with thr time i will go for RN. But i love helping people feel better and ...
Picture of Jaunathen  S.

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Jaunathen S.


All my life I loved helping others whether it's the smallest things or biggest and leaving a smile on their faces . That's the most adwarding feeling ever
Picture of Paula roberta C.

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Paula roberta C.

Female, Deerfield, FL

Because i enjoy take care- helper people in need.
Picture of Sheptilya H.

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Sheptilya H.

Female, Clewiston, FL

I love providing home caregiving services to those that would otherwise not be able to do so. The smile on their faces is overwhelming and makes me feel I have done my job right. I have always enjoye ...
Picture of Brenda  J.

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Brenda J.

Female, Sunrise , FL

I don't believe that I decided to become a caregiver for profitable gain I believe that I was already destined to become a caregiver because of the impact that it has on my life when I help someone I ...
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Winsome B.

Female, Lauderdale Lakes , FL

Love and passion for the elderly motivates me to do my endeavor to make them safe and comfortable whether they are in their home or in a long term facility
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Farlicia A.

Female, West Palm Beach, FL

I have a heart passion to help family's that need a helping hand with their love one.
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Female, Delray Beach, FL

I became a Caregiver to help others who cannot help themselves and to improve their lives and daily living.
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Mike M.

Male, West Palm Beach, FL

I started by caring for my mom by taking the graveyard shift for home companionship. Very rewarding to feel of service.

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About Senior In Home Care

In Home Caregivers in Clewiston, FL provide senior care services in three levels: companion care, personal care, and advanced personal care.

Companion care is for seniors who need some assistance around the home such as cooking, cleaning, and mental engagement.

Personal care is a home health care service that includes wound care, toileting, medication reminders, and more. Those who provide personal care must be more experienced and often have caregiving certifications.

Advanced personal care is provided by those caregivers who are equipped to deal with late stage cancer, advanced stage dementia, incontinence or other serious medical issues.

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