Frequently Asked Questions’s Caregivers are average more than (5) years experience. Each caregiver is rigorously credentialed including background check, license verification, references and interview.

How do job invitations work?

After your profile has been reviewed, you will be eligible to receive Job Invitations.

A Job Invitation will include the wage, location, schedule and desired services the family is seeking. Each job invitation is sent to qualified caregivers in the area. It is important to respond 'YES' to any job invitations you are interested in. It is also ok to respond 'NO'. Faster responses get better results.

If you are working and would like to stop receiving Job Invitations, log into your profile and turn Job Invitations to 'Off'. If your situation changes, you can always come back and set Job Invitations to 'On'.

Each family is different but families usually interview 1-3 candidates before making a selection.

Can I do part time work or only full-time work?

At, Caregivers have flexibility to work part-time or full-time. You can update your availability in your profile and you can turn down any job invitation that doesn't fit your schedule. However, Caregivers with greater availability will likely receive more offers to interview.

Is an agency? is a platform that allows caregivers to work directly for families without going through an agency. It is free for caregivers to join however each caregiver must pass a rigorous credentialing process that includes references, a thorough background check, and license verification. We help to match families with caregivers that meet their care needs and handle payment processing. gives families access to quality care for their loved ones when it is needed most.

How much do jobs pay?

The amount a caregiver receives is based upon the work being completed and their experience. Our average wage last year was $15 per hour.

Companion Care - These jobs typically pay $12-$14 per hour
Requirements: Candidates will need to pass a background check

Personal Care - These jobs typically pay $14-$16 per hour
Requirements: Candidates will need to pass a background check and have a CNA, GNA, HHA or equivalent level of experience

Advanced Personal Care - These jobs pay $16-$18 per hour
Requirements: Candidates will need to pass a background check and have a CNA, HHA, GNA and have worked in long term care, assisted living, or a hospital for at least 5 years

Live-in Care - These jobs typically pay $150 per day

What is your credentialing process?

Each Caregiver undergoes a rigorous Quality Assurance process prior to joining the network. We require a professional profile, photo, two professional references and a comprehensive background screening prior to considering them for matching with potential clients.

Is there a fee to join the network of Professional Caregivers?

It is free to join our network. Caregivers are required to pay for insurance when they are working a job and will provide you with that insurance using a small deduction from your paycheck.

I registered and created a profile, but I still receive reminder emails. What should I do?

First, make sure that your profile is completely done including the last step of accepting our terms and conditions. Log in to the website to see your progress. If you're fully done and still receiving emails, send an email to to get help.

I am not receiving the password reset emails. What should I do?

First, make sure that you have checked your SPAM or Junk folder. Sometimes the email will take up to an hour to be delivered. If it is not in your SPAM or Junk folder, please email for additional assistance.

I responded 'Yes' to a job invitation, but I never heard back from you. Did my response not go through?

Thank you for responding to our job invitation. If you were not contacted, it doesn't mean that we didn't receive your response. If you were not contacted, it means that you were not one of the final candidates for the interview. Good luck on your next invitation.